New Mitsubishi Mirage – Got Several Tweaks For The Better

The new Mitsubishi Mirage has been creating quite a lot of news in the Australian market due to its tempting price of $15,606. This is quoted by the news article in by Trevor Collett, dated Mar 22, 2016 this year, just after the release of the sedan class and hatchback class models of the Mirage in the country. The models have been upgraded in 2016, and the people planning to buy the Mitsubishi Mirage would be happy to know the upgrades in the models.

New Mitsubishi Mirage

The changes and upgradations in the Mitsubishi Mirage

For the new Mitsubishi Mirage sedan and hatchback, both have received a few tweaks and additions, which are as follows:

·        They have got a new front grille.

·        The rear and front bumpers have been improved.

·        The wheel design has been changed to a new one; the LS got alloys, and the ES got wheel covers.

·        The bonnet design has also been reshaped in the car.

·        2 new car colors have been introduced in both the models, and they are wine red and sunrise orange.

·        The suspension of the car got better along with improved riding comfort, balance and operability.

·        The power steering also got an upgrade to increase driving comfort.

·        Improved acceleration of rolling was introduced to the models with CVT automatic.

·        The rear seats got new color upgrades with chrome and black highlighting.

·        The cushion of the seats got softer.

·        A display for the outside temperature added to the LS model, and in the ES model, the AC controls got better.

·        A ticket holder and a vanity mirror added to the sun visor in the ES model.

Good news for the car enthusiasts who put service above everything else

Besides all these changes, a major change has been brought to the new Mitsubishi Mirage Brisbane dealers sell. After all, it’s the car servicing which matters after the sales, and that is what attaches the customer to the company in the long relation. That is why in an effort to become the cheapest Australian car, the brand has slashed the rate of car servicing by $270 for four years for the new owners.

Buy a new or a used car

These things may bring many prospective car buyers at a fix as to whether they should buy a new Mitsubishi Mirage or an old car. Well, this should not be a huge problem because the company will be giving services to new cars, while dealers of the old cars would introduce their personal assistance in servicing of the old cars. That is why it’s also a good option to buy a used Mitsubishi Lancer if you are a fan of the Lancer. Even the Mitsubishi new ASX is a good choice, and you may compare the three models before you take a decision.

Even the new cars would get old, and the warranty and free services would expire. Hence, collecting news about good service stations who give quality and quick service at reasonable cost is always a smart step. Therefore, you must always keep in touch with your distributor to know more. For more info, visit