Why Buy a KIA Carnival in Brisbane?

Great styling, sophisticated design, an extensive equipment list and a spacious clever interior characterize the KIA Carnival models. The vehicles also have a great storage spaces and options along with a diesel drivetrain. Add the relatively competitive pricing and you have a reliable car that can guarantee you some absolute value for money at any time. You can buy KIA Carnival Brisbane has today if you are looking for a stylish and spacious people move that guarantees you of extra degrees of reliability and better value for money.

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This people mover is a seven-seat SUV that comes with an extra edge compared to many of the other cars in its class. The new KIA Carnival is no longer “Grand”. It blends great driving dynamics, practicality and genuine space which is really the factor that gives it an extra edge at a time when many of the other people movers in the market also come with great styling and power.

The vehicle is more than just a traditional people mover. You could regard it as a crossover utility vehicle or CUV. The new Carnival model has seen considerable improvements over the older models especially with regards to its driving dynamics. It is a perfect vehicle for snaking your way around some of the hinterland roads in Brisbane and the Gold Coast with your family. Check Kia Carnival Brisbane for more details.

The Carnival KIA handling is very controlled in spite of its huge weight. The vehicle weighs a whopping 2 tonnes and will take a little time to slow down around the corners. Occupants may also experience a little body lean around corners because this is quite a tall vehicle. However, all these little inconveniences are overcome with the vehicle’s extra cushioning which will soak up the uncomfortable bends and also cope really well with the larger bumps on the road.

Under its bonnet, the new KIA Carnival comes with an updated engine line-up. There is now the 3.3 litre V6 petrol engine. If you are planning to buy KIA Carnival Brisbane market offers today, you can also opt for an updated 2.2 litre turbo diesel. Both of these engines also come with 6-speed automatic transmission.

The best reason to buy KIA Carnival Brisbane market offers is due to its lots of spaces and incredible value that it offers. The vehicle’s look is also over the top. The vehicle has been given a new makeover with some noticeable stylistic elements such as its family grille as well as the bold lines which have been the hallmarks of the KIA auto designer Peter Schreyer. This is the look that transformed the KIA models into one of the most beautifully styled cars in the world.

Inside the vehicle, Brisbane buyers will find a look and feel that is more modern. It has an interior that is almost like that of an SUV. The interior comes with plenty of storage options including two glove boxes, deep door pocket design and even a document storage space that has been built on the centre console of the passenger side. You won’t dehydrate in the KIA Carnival with its 10 cupholders along with the four bottle holders. In the high specs Platinum and SLi models, there is a cooling glove box. Although it comes with eight seats, there is a middle seat on the car’s second row which can be folded to form a table. Based on your unique needs, you can also remove it completely.

There is easy access to the third row of the car thanks to the seat-folding mechanism which has been built into the second row. The seat base can be collapsed and slid as far forward as possible to create space for access to the third row. The second row is also quite spacious. The vehicle is able to easily fit 8 people who can sit in relative comfort.

Overall, this is irresistibly spacious and best value people mover in Australia. Why not give it a test drive at http://kiacarnivalbrisbane.com.au/.